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EDILSYSTEM srl has developed and patented a new and effective consolidation system named “Minipalo Geo-System®”, which appears as a valid alternative to the classic micropiles.

The “GEO-SYSTEM®” innovative technology, as a type of deep foundation system, consists on the installation of small diameter piles to transfer the load and the stresses from surface to deeper soil layers; at the same time, the soil beneath the existing foundations has to be consolidated with expanding resins or a cement mortar foaming, specifically designed and formulated for the “Minipalo Geo-System®” injection.

Such technology is specifically designed for the consolidation of ruined buildings due to sagging foundation; this solution is more effective and less invasive than traditional interventions.

At present, the client in need of consolidation of land or elimination of foundation settlements finds two different options in the market:  running micropiles with the burden of all related works (excavations, curbs connection and subsequent reconstruction) or injecting expanding resins based on polyurethane which consolidate the soil without acting on the building; this last option is limited to moderate surface subsidence problems.

Innovation offered by “Minipalo Geo-System®” combines the advantages of both technologies described, and allows the use of expanding polyurethane resins (and/or expanding cement mortars) together with steel bars of reduced diameter.

The procedure consists in the insertion of hollow high resistance steel bars through the use of small diameter rotary percussion equipment (also used in basements and garages), to get to the deeper and compact layers of the soil, which greatly reduces trouble and working time.


  • Possibility of using self-drilling rods (32-51 mm diameter), according to the requirements;
  • Possibility of using resins or expanding mortars designed for civil and geotechnical engineering sector;
  • Possibility to easily reach the required depth, allowing an effective load transfer to undisturbed soils with suitable physical-mechanical characteristics and not subject to the effects of seasonal climate variations;
  • Possibility to cross land and artifacts of all types and consistency;
  • Use of equipment of reduced weight and encumbrance, which permits to operate in small and difficult access areas;
  • Use of a single perforation for injecting resins with different characteristics (composition, density, pressure, consistency, speed of hardening) and in different times, depending on the characteristics of the work to be carried out, the structure conditions and lithological characteristics of the stratus of the soil;
  • Possibility of injecting also special cement mortars using the same technologies;
  • Possibility of locating the injections along the entire length of the micropile through specific valves sleeves developed and patented for that purpose;
  • Continuous monitoring of all injection parameters, so as to minimize the undesired heave of the structures (flooring, etc.) and/or overcome any unforeseen problems;
  • Extreme flexibility and adaptability of the system to the technical and environmental requirements;
  • Possibilities of developing a calculation model addressed to the intervention to be made;
  • Reduction of the costs for the restoration of workplaces;

The use of small diameter piles “Minipalo Geo-System®” reduces the size of the perforations and limits the size of the operating machines and the discomfort of a construction site in a residential building.

Reducing the size of the micropiles is compensated by the injection in the soil of polyurethane resins with high resistance and/or by expanding cement mortar specially designed for that purpose (Geo-Xp).

All injected products fill the existing gaps and confer high compression strength to the soil.

The first part – anchoring head – will be injected with epoxy bentonite, a special rheopmetodi_minipalo_02lastic mortar, specially designed for that purpose and with “Microgrout Injection Anchor”, pourable and quick hardening, capable of transferring the stresses of the metal core to the existing foundations (masonry or c.a.), on a length enough to transfer the load of the building on the mini piles.

The second part of “Minipalo Geo-System®” is inserted into the ground to a certain length according to the limit load established by the design. Then it is injected with a bi-component polyurethane type resin with an expansion degree up to 5/8 times the initial volume, and a compression resistance equal to 30N/mmq; or also with expanding cement mortar “Geo-Xp”, with a compression resistance in free expansion of 7Mpa at 28 gg (EN 196), in order to reach an expansion level equal to 80/100% of initial volume.

The choice of the injection product varies depending on the type of soil to be consolidated; anyhow both allow either to transfer the armor forces on the ground or to consolidate the ground itself, thanks to the capacity for resistance, penetration and expansion of materials employed.

“Minipali Geo-System®” can work independently or can be connected to each other at the summit through various shapes and sizes steel plates (straight, corner, etc), as needed. Plates are connected to the foundation with fixing elements that vary depending on the substrate.

The coupling of plate-“Minipali Geo-System®” is secured with high strength steel bolts, in order to create a crease on the foundation of the working site to avoid any possible subsidence.

It is possible to carry out tests on each “Minipalo Geo-System®” using temporary loads, prior to the final connection to the structure.